New Moon at Blue Moon

Blue Moon Finnebrogue Woods

I thought I’d share with you the story of how I found myself up a ladder, in a fancy dress, with various power-tools in hand…

Now in our 10th year, Blue Moon Event Design has seen many a twist and turn, and as we prepare for our 10 year birthday celebrations in Spring 2019, we are stepping out from a new location, with a new spring in our step!

Back in April we made the epic transition of moving of our office and warehousing from Down Business Park to a new cedar clad premises at our family lakeside home, Finnebrogue Woods.

This much anticipated new phase felt like the perfect time to update our visual identity, with hopes to adopt a fresh, vibrant and punchy look, to match how we feel!

With spending much of our time on ladders, if not scaffolding, we were more than excited when we came across Los Angeles-based painter Kelly Reemtsen‘s recent works, which focus on well-dressed women toting household tools that range from mallets to power saws.

Reemsten’s collective works question what makes the modern woman, and involves coordinating flouncy dresses with more masculine tools, thus showcasing the objects’ relatability (rather than create a contrast) between the woman and her wrenches and shears.

We loved the brightly colored impasto paintings, which provide eye catching bursts of color in yellow, greens, and pinks – something we were keen to try on for size!  We wanted to capture the feeling of Reemsten’s work so took to setting up our own photo studio and creating our own artwork, modelled by none other than me!

(*Just a note on safety – high heels and standing on the top step of an industrial ladder may make for a striking shot, but not in the least safe or at all wise!)

Thankfully with the help of Chris Tennyson photography and James Fisher Design, I survived, and we all worked around the clock to have our design completed in time for Quirky Weddings fair last month, and we hope you enjoy the results!

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