Planning a wedding or event requires great organisational skills, takes a good deal of time, effort and creative thinking. We have answered some questions you may have about the process.

What are your services and what is included?

We start with a consultation in person or via Facetime and Zoom talking over initial ideas. There’s no need for you to travel but we will make at least one site visit, send you a detailed proposal and invite you to a meeting to discuss it further. We agree on the final plan and Blue Moon starts sourcing, reaching out, making and collating everything we need to style your BIG day. Everything is double checked, confirmed and final payment made two weeks before your date. We triple and quadruple check the day before, confirm arrival and dismantling times with your venue and call to wish you every joy and success for your once in a lifetime event!

Do we really need a stylist or can we do it ourselves?

It all depends on your own creativity, ability and free time! Blue Moon Event Design offers you a luxury event hire and styling service, a VIP experience of comprehensive design, production, installation and subsequent dismantling which allows you to relax knowing that we have everything in hand. Our aim is to take the stress out of your wedding planning, allowing you time and space to enjoy the fun bits.

We are very open minded and do love to work alongside other creatives so let’s talk if you have something special in mind.

How much does it cost? Why do you have a minimum spend?

We like to establish a budget early on and everything we do for you is itemised for transparency. Our minimum charge is directly related to labour costs because the Blue Moon crew are charged out at either half or full day rates.

Do you offer packages at Blue Moon Event Design?

Every client is unique, and no two events are the same. We avoid packages because your event should be personal and stand out from the crowd. We want to wow your guests with something they haven’t seen before.

Do you work on Destination Weddings? I am living abroad, can you help me with my wedding?

Absolutely, we can communicate and share information via Facetime, Zoom, Skype and email. It’s the same way we communicate with our local brides these days! Many of our brides and grooms are based in London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Sydney to name a few. You are travelling home to get married and probably don’t have the time or the local connections to organise it properly and this is where we step in to save you worry and expense. Trust us to design your dream wedding here, with our comprehensive network of trusted and talented suppliers, we know all the right people to make your dream day happen.

Do you offer Wedding Planning services or MC/Co-ordination on the day?

Yes, we offer this service ourselves and work with a first-rate professional event co-ordinator on a regular basis. Talk to us about how much or how little management you require.

How far will you travel to set up our wedding?

We are happy to travel anywhere in Ireland or indeed abroad to work on your wedding. The cost of travel and possibly accommodation is worked out per mile and per head. We do not charge for travel within a 50 mile radius of our studio.

Do you work alongside other suppliers such as my florist?

Yes, we love to. In fact, you will achieve a more successful, cohesive end result when there is close collaboration between ourselves and your florist, caterer and photographer.

Will you hang our own decorations for us?

For security and safety reasons, it is strict company policy that we are not allowed to handle other people’s personal items. We suggest that you ask a member of your party to help you with this!

Do you dry hire props and accessories?

No, the price difference between DIY dry hire and Blue Moon hire with delivery and installation is negligible. You get to enjoy our marvellous collection of props with minimal effort and worry free!

We need decorations moved after the ceremony, can you do this?

Yes, we can but there is a labour cost for one or two crew to return to site to do this.

Do we have to help clear everything up the next day?

You are free as birds to relax the day after your event! Our crew arrive first thing the next day to dismantle and pack away our decorations.

When do we need to commit to you?

A commitment to each other should be made once the core of the décor scheme has been agreed and stock needs to be allocated. We cannot guarantee holding your date until a deposit has been received.

What is the deposit for?

Your deposit guarantees your booking with us and also covers some of the preliminary design work undertaken by Blue Moon.

Can we change our mind about décor once we have paid our first instalment?

Yes, but bear in mind that the labour time and delivery costs may alter as a result of any changes.

What happens if one of our guests spill wine on your cream sofas?

Don’t worry, we accept this is a risk, however, dancing on sofas and tables and other wilful damage is not acceptable behaviour.

Do you charge for breakages and items that go missing?

Yes, we have to because the value of the items hired out to you is charged at a fraction of their cost.

What is your Carbon Footprint Policy?

As a company, we have always aimed to publicize and push the need to lower our carbon footprint, both as a firm but also as a consumer. Unlike much of the events industry that thrives on consumerism, our ethos is quite different. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Blue Moon is constantly looking to deploy the 3 R’s from the packaging we reuse to wrapping our products. We aim to make a positive impact through the reduction in carbon footprint created within the events industry.

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