Armagh Apple Festival 2018

Armagh Apple Festival

Oh what a treat to decorate the historic Shambles Yard in the heart of beautiful Armagh City for their annual Cider Festival.

The theme was APPLES of course, so we raided my mum’s garden for some of the real thing. Quite a transformation complete with green botanical walls, trees, crates of real apples, cider presses and LED light up furniture. We also have large quantities of artificial apple garlands which we wound through our trees and green leaf botanical wall panels.

This is a really cool pop up barn which we decorated with real trees, trailing ivy, Autumn leaves and fabulous pumpkin garlands. LED lounge furniture and poseur tables give a really contemporary feel to the event. Our ‘Magic Roundabout’ stylised trees looked great as a contrast to all the greenery and foliage.

Here’s what it looked like before!

Blue Moon Armagh apple festival

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